Omanís beauty lies in its sub-aqua world, a fascinating world of color and amazing marine life. The true treasures of Oman lie hidden beneath the surface, where the vast panorama explodes into a complex symphony of color and corals. The warm water draws large schools of manta rays, turtles and shoals of tropical fish darting amongst huge reef gardens. Flanked by strikingly scenic coasts and down in the shallow waters, the coral reefs of Oman with their charm and diversity which are yet to be fully explored and enjoyed by residents and tourists alike.

Omanís first semi-submersible vesseltakes you on an incredible underwater tour of the coral reefs of Bandar Al-Khayran. The trip offers a unique opportunity to explore Omanís underwater scenery, experience close contact with nature and view the diverse marine life in its natural habitat. Bandar Al -Khayran is famous for its breathtaking beauty of wild beaches, coral reefs and exotic marine life.

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